Cyber Frauds/Crimes

Cyber Frauds/Crimes : Online Frauds Crime and Cyber Cells

 Cyber Frauds/Crimes :Friends , Now a days Online frauds are in its peak. I think because this is the computer era and all peoples need to be digital according to this world to walk with them.So this is also a reason that why online fraud are increasing day by day.The online fraud may be of different types according to your condition that how the fraud happened to you like it may be with your bank account or some Patym wallet or with your social media account or  may be online sopping frauds anything else, depending on what type of fraud happened with you.However this type of activity is also called online fraud and this is a crime which is more popular these days people always try to hurt you using cyber crime.

There is also a online dating fraud which is increasing rapidly and one can your feelings and your money both by this type of fraud/crime.Generally there are some online dating websites and they promise you that you can find a true friendship or your partner with the help of these types of websites and they charge you some money. Mostly these types of fraud websites are having its Sign Up page But remember they do not have any Sign in page.They store your data like name and mobile number and e mail id and call you in your mobile phone with their special offers (for making you fool) also they took money from you on their bank account directly and after they do not receive calls from you. And all happened and finished.

Other cyber crimes are like they give you a email like you have won crores of rupees from lottery and demand some money to their bank account for transferring the crore in your bank account or may be they can email you with a content like “I am a girl of 26 and i am in a refugee camp and help to escape from here and I have millions dollars left by late father” all these types of stuff.many peoples are victim of that  and they often caught in this type of trap because of lots of money.But remember they always try to fool you and always ignore that types of emails.

So now a days All banks and online money wallet are trying to keep your money safe and secure by increasing the safety features and securities but you have always be aware by this types of online frauds the banks aware you that do not disclose your ATM pin code number, never tell your OTP to others and etc. But some hackers can do it ( they can steel your money from your bank account.To stop that type of crimes police department had made a cyber crime department.

If you are already effected by these cyber crimes I request you please contact your local police and after directly go to the cyber crime office in your area this can stop the next crime.They will help you.May be you can safe a person to be fooled by that criminals.

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