How to create a blog for free in just 15 minutes only

How to create a blog for free in just 15 minutes only

Create  blog  free : So, Do you also want to learn how to create a blog for free in just 15 minutes only so guys its very simple in the WordPress which is very popular among the bloggers around the world, you can also use the method for your paid website making i realy mean that however its the best method for beginner who want to make his/her own blog.we all know blog play important role for gaining any knowledge like people share their knowledge by writing blogs and we read it to obtain some knowledgeable things. One can also choose blogging as his/her part time or full time carrier and those who has chosen blogging as carrier are really making the huge amount of dollars.So Let us begin further wasting any time.

First of all the basic need to start our blog is a Domain which is available for free as well paid.But here we are learning the free method so will buy a free domain here.So I am revealing the website name where you can simply buy a free domain so the website is or you can simply click on the link here and you will be redirected towards this website directly and tou will the picture as shown in below :-How to create a blog for free in just 15

And type a domain name for your blog  as i only type stanely and clicked check availability and then click check availability then this type of screen will come :

How to create a blog for free in just 15

I suggest you to please do not take .tk as your domain because the free website hosting sites do not allow .tk domain to build your website that’s why i suggest you to take a .cf domain so now click on get it now ( highlighted with dark blue color)  and after this it will convert into a green color “Selected”,then a new page will be opened and now select your period to 12 months and and click continue.  and after you can put your email address and click “verify  my email address” or else use your gmail or Facebook account to login  and fill your full details, Check term and condition to right and click “complete order then new window And click “click here to go to your client area” then new window  click “services” with a drop down menu then here click “my domain”  and you are done with tour domain now your domain is fully registers in your name.

Note:- Do not close this tab or window to make it easy.

Now it comes to the second basic need for your blog in WordPress that is a web hosting, like your domain it is also available paid as well free .Remember guys generally the web hosting are costly but as we are making our website for learning purpose for free so that’s why we will choose a free web hosting. The link of your free web hosting is here you can directly to the site from here, you have click on “Sign Up Now” then fill out your full details here,solve the captcha and tick right to terms and condition and sign Up Then go to your Email address and confirm your email sent to you by infinity free then click “confirm your email address” then you will be redirected to the site main page,first of all you have change your name-servers by your domain’s tab in your pc and click manage domain then managing tool then name servers and take a option Use custom name servers (enter below) then type  at nameserver 1and at nameserver 2 then click change name servers  and  at your hosting tab in your pc here   and click  “new account” then two option will be there one is use a free sub domain and second is use your own domain, so fill your newly purchased domain below and solve captcha click create account.Now its done now click on “Open control Panel” and then i Approve.Here all done you have opened your C panel .

Guys It was the basic settings the main work is starting form now onward means installing the WordPress for website. Now go to software section and then click softaculaus Apps Installer then click in WordPress and Install now and then a form will be open so be aware and fill the details as i say Erase wp written with the backspace key and leave it blank then change username and password as you want now select any of one theme, remember the rest was the same as it was and now click install. So you are done buddy you create your  website and now you have to install some plugins and a good theme ,But your website is ready to use. Please comment me below if you want me to more details about necessary plugin, attractive theme ,Or how create post or page.all.


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